Banarasi Chaat

When in Varanasi, don’t miss to tantalize your taste buds with city special chaat. The chaat here offers a range of variations. The special Tamatar Chaat is the most famous one, which consists of aloo (potato), tamatar (tomato), topped with chopped onions, and infused with a mix of spices. Another one is Chooda matar or Chiwda matar, a Banarasi version of poha. It is a concoction of fresh green peas, flattened rice and other cereals. It is best served during winters and taken up well by some street food joints in Varanasi. 

Banarasi Paan

It is known worldwide for its deliciously refreshing taste. The origins of this Paan go back to more than 5000 years ago, as Lord Krishna is said to have savoured it quite regularly. Paan is usually taken as a breath freshener after having a meal, however the irresistible flavour of Banarasi Paan makes it suitable for any time of the day. The Paan prepared here reflects the creativity of its makers and the legendary recipe they have been taking forward since centuries.