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About Assi Ghat

According to the ancient history, it is said that the Goddess Durga (consort of the Lord Shiva) had thrown her sword in the river (called Assi River) after killing the demon Shumbha-Nishumbha. Assi Ghat is described in the Kashi Khand as “Assi Saimbeda Tirtha” means the one who gets a dip here once in his life will get punya (blessings) of all the Tirthas (religious places of the Hindu). Generally Hindu pilgrims gather to take a holy dip here in the Chaitra (month of March/April) and Magh (month of Jan/Feb) as well as some other significant events like solar/lunar eclipse, Probodhoni Ekadashi and Makar Sankranti. At this Ghat, a huge Shiva lingam is situated under the Peepal tree where pilgrims offer Jal and worship after taking holy bath in the Ganga water. Another Shiva Lingam is - Asisangameshwar lingam, in a small temple of the marble near to the Assi Ghat. The Ghat has been also described in the ancient Hindu literatures like the Matsya purana, Kurma purana, Padma Purana, Agni purana and Kashi khanda.

Suggested Travel Tips

Tourists are advised to take care of their own belongings.